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Joint Base Lewis-McChord is a U.S. Government Federal installation.

Law enforcement will be present, and everyone will be subject to search. Prohibited items found will be confiscated and will not be returned.


  • NO DRUGS: Marijuana and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on Federal installations.
  • NO CONCEALED WEAPONS: JBLM does not recognize any concealed weapons permits.
  • NO WEAPONS: Knives (of any sort or size), firearms (regardless of credential or CWP), scissors, tasers, stun guns, pepper spray/mace, pocket tools, box cutters, nunchakus, batons, toys that resemble guns, laser pointers, fireworks, ammunition, etc. 
  • NO WHEELS: Skateboards, skates, rollerblades, Heelys, scooters, bikes, hoverboards, Segways, electric unicycles, Onewheels, and the like are not permitted. 
  • NO PETS: Exception – Medical Service Dogs (certified, harnessed and leashed) and Military Working Dogs. SAFETY NOTE: the airfield concrete surfaces get very hot on a July summer day. 
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD: Food, coolers, cans/bottles, glass containers, alcohol or liquids are not permitted. Exception – baby food.
  • NO LARGE BAGS: Bags may be either clear stadium-approved plastic tote bags (not to exceed 12” x 12” x 6”) or school-size backpacks (not to exceed 20” x 15”). Exceptions: oxygen tanks.
  • NO LARGE LAWN CHAIRS: Standard-sized folding camping chairs are allowed but must be out of bags when searched.
  • NO TENTS, POP-UP CANOPY, AWNINGS or LARGE GOLF/BEACH UMBRELLAS: Exception – standard umbrellas not exceeding 40” (when opened) are allowed.
  • NO DRONES, FLYERS OR RADIO EQUIPMENT: Remote control aircraft, all flying/bouncing objects, balloons, spray paint and silly string are not permitted.
  • NO SMOKING except in designated areas. No marijuana vape concentrate.


  • WATER: Water in store-bought, unopened/sealed clear plastic bottles, empty refillable drink containers, and empty hydration pack (i.e., CamelBaks) are allowed. Refillable water stations will be available.
  • STROLLER, WHEELCHAIRS, ETC: Wheelchairs, walking aids, strollers and wagons are allowed. Strollers cannot exceed 31” x 52” and wagons cannot exceed 19” x 33”.
  • BABY ITEMS: Baby food, milk/formula, strollers, diaper bags are allowed. 
  • SERVICE DOGS: Only Medical Service Dogs are allowed (certified, harnessed and leashed).


Hearing protection, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, blankets, cameras, binoculars, fully-charged cell phones.  

ID Required

All visitors 16 years old and older must have a valid photo ID. Joint Base Lewis-McChord is a Department of Defense military installation with strict procedures. Convicted felons, registered sex offenders and people with wants or warrants are not allowed onto the base at any time. Law enforcement officials will be at the entrances to the Airshow and Warrior Expo to handle any access situations that may arise.